Welcome to the 35th. SADE course in advanced endoscopyfor physicians & endoscopy assistants



The topic of the SADE course is selected base don the program the previous years and topics considered relevant for GI-endoscopists and nurse assistants with various experience.

The topic of the SADE course 2018 is: “Oesophagus; from diagnosis to advanced endoscopic therapy”


The program intends to give the participants insights into diagnostic and therapeutic challenges related to benign and malignant oesophageal diseases.

The program is a combination of:

·      Lectures with 5-10 minutes discussion after each lecture. Scandinavian and international experts have accepted to present the lectures.

·      Multi-disciplinary Team Discussion (MDT), consisting of a panel of different experts; endoscopists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and nurse assistants. The panel will discuss different cases and interact with the audience.

·      Live-sessions with transfer of live endoscopies from Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, these sessions will be organised by professor Aabakken, having huge experience with these types of live session. Informed consent will be obtained at least one day prior to the event. Patient privacy, will be secured.

·      A quiz with topics relevant to the presentations will be organised during the entire course. To motivate the participants three prizes winners will be appointed at the end of the course. 



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