THURSDAY 19.1.2017


8.30-9.00     Registration 

9.00-9.15     Welcomes Per Ejstrud (DK)

9.15-10.00    The history of gastrointestinal ulcer diseaseOve Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (DK)

10.00-10.30  Strategy of acute upper gastrointestinal bleedingFredrik Swahn (S)

10.30-11.15  Coffee in the exhibition area + quiz 

11.15-12.15  Ulcer bleeding – Endoscopy (diagnosis, classification and treatment)Stig Borbjerg Laursen (DK)

12.15-12.40  Ulcer bleeding and surgeryMarianne UDD (F)

12.40-13.40  Lunch In exhibition area 

13.40-14.00  Ulcer bleeding and Radiological interventionNils-Einar Klöw (N)

14.05-14.30  The quality of treatment of gastrointestinal ulcerHenrik Stig Jørgensen (DK)

 in (National Quality Database) 

14.30-15.15   Coffee – Quiz in exhibition area  

15.15-16.15   State of the art. Risk score and timing of endoscopyAdrian Stanley (UK)



 End of day 1 


 Evening program: 

18.30 - 22.00  Dinner 

FRIDAY 20.1.2017          


8.30-9.00      Treatment of Varices – does it work?Alexander Krag (DK)

9.00-9.30      Varices – endoscopic treatmentGunnar Qvigstad (N)

9.30-9.50      Varices. Radiological treatment/TIPSNils-Einar Klöw (N)

9.50-10.30    Coffee in the exhibition area + Quiz 

10.30-11.00  Bleeding from the small bowel – Etiology/DiagnosisGabriele Worm Johansson (S)

11.00-11.30  Intervention: Spiral, Balloon or SurgeryJorgen Agnholt (DK)

11.30-12.00  Lower gastrointestinal bleeding. Strategy?Kim Ånonsen (N)

12.00-13.00  Lunch in exhibition area + Quiz 


13.00-13.20  Treatment of lower acute gastrointestinal bleedingPaivi Siironen (F)

13.20-13.40   Anticoagulation therapy, Gastrointestinal bleeding and EndoscopyBo Sondergaard (DK)

13.40-14.00  Coffee in the exhibition area + quiz 

14.00-14.30   VIDEO CASES 

14.30-14.55   Quiz awardsBo Sondergaard (DK)


14.55-15.00   SADE research committee + closing remarks SADE 2018Urban Arnelo (S)