How to make you're registration for Sade course and for Hands-on. 


We have made a updated homepage for your to find all your information about SADE 2021 and for your to register for the yearly course of SADE.




Press MAKE YOUR REGISTRATION at direct link


You will enter the form ” Registration form for Sade 2021

Fill out your informations. Use  tab ( -> I )  to go from field to field og press arrow down

And Submit when your have entered all the informations.

After you have submitted your registration.

You will receive a mail that We have received your registration and that we will get back to your with your invoice.

The amount on the invoice will be in DKK and should be mademade in Danish Crones. 

Pls.  note

We will send you an invoice as urgently as possible. Check your spamfilter if you have not received an mail from us.




Have your made an registration for 5 days that included Hands-On on a hospital you will need to fill out the Questionary at


Please fill out the form with your request of Country of practice, hospital and with your experience in the field.

Submit in the end.   



INVOICES: will be send to your within 1-3 days.